I find it interesting how many supposedly learned people, politicians, and media types mispronounce

“especially” as “expecially”, “February” as “Febuary”, and “et cetera” as excetera”.

I do find that they lose some credibility when they mispronounce these words, and that I seem to respect them less.

I guess language and grammar have been important to me (and to many others in the past). People are judged by their language.

Same goes with egregious spelling mistakes in moving banners at the bottom of tv newscasts. Does anybody use spell-check anymore in information communicated to the public? 

Whenever I see or hear one of these mistakes on-air, I recall Ray Bradbury’s excellent story “A Sound of Thunder” which ends with a time traveller coming back to his present only to see spelling errors everywhere because he careless disobeyed his guide’s instructions and stepped on one insect which, consequently, changed the future of the human world.

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