The Rest of Beatles’ 2022 “Revolver” 5 CD Boxset Reviewed

(In addition to the 2 CDs below and a mono CD version, this disc has mono and stereo versions of both songs)

Best part of the 100 p.p. book–the track by track detailed writeups explaining more of their creative process and choices.

2 CDs of interesting, entertaining demos and outtakes with a fair bit of talking making you feel like you’re in the studio with them, though the remixing already accomplishes that very well. Best bit–George Martin consulting with Paul about vibrato on the strings in “Eleanor Rigby. There are also several instrumental alone tracks so that you sing along with the group!

The individual songs: * denotes highly recommended

Tomorrow Never Knows take 1–different drum beat. George plays droning tamboura, lead guitar snippets, John on organ

Got to Get You into My Life–take 5: extra background voices
2nd version: * George plays a fuzz guitar line. there are now even more voices/ A very solid multi-guitar track with no brass
take 9: *an extra guitar, instrumental version; singalong with full brass

Love You To aka Granny Smith (George’s working title)–
1st track: *just George singing with his guitar & Paul harmony
unnumbered rehearsal: Indian instruments added with George humming, no tabla
take 7: extra Paul harmony throughout (later dropped)

Paperback– *George & Paul on lead guitars’ singalong, just the instrumental with spaces for chorus voice breaks; those extra tambourine bits were done by George BTW

Rain–take 5: *twice as fast! Absolutely nuts with fast bass and Ringo’s excellent drums. George & Paul do the lead guitars.
take 5: slowed down

Dr. Robert–take 7: George & John do the lead guitars; George on maracas

And Your Bird Can Sing–take 2: Paul & George do lead guitars; 1 chord difference going down on bridge
take 2 giggling version: *”When your bike is broken”; very articulated loud bass
take 5: *totally different beat (same as “Ballad of John & Yoko”)

Taxman–take 1; with regular extra guitar accents; Paul does the Indian-sounding lead guitar solo, surprising George! Includes the backup vocal call-response “Anybody got a bit of money”

I’m Only Sleeping–*rehearsal: instrumental with vibraphone!
take 2: vocal, guitar and tambourine
5: just the instrumental, faster
mix RM1: early tape looping, different from the final

Eleanor Rigby– interest pretake speech with Martin, Paul and musicians
take 2– * just the strings, articulated; singalong

For No One: *piano and clavichord and minimal drums; just Ringo and Paul in this instrumental

Yellow Submarine–*2 work tapes of John and his guitar with original depressing lyrics
next: Lennon with different lyrics, no chorus
next: Paul comes in singing; there’s now the chorus
take 4: Ringo’s turn to sing what’s become a children’s song with harmony voices by the other 3. George plays tambourine; no sound effects
next: highlighted heavy sound effects and vocals by group, Martin, Pattie Harrison, Brian Jones, Marianne Faithfull

I Want to Tell You–*only the instrumental with George on guitar and Paul on piano playing that discordant F natural over E

Here, There: *Paul’s vocal prominent; he plays the only guitar and bass; all of them do finger snaps at end; that lead part is actually a 12 string acoustic sounding more like an electric! Ringo’s drums upped

She Said–*just John on vocal & guitar to start
take 15: just the awesome backing track instrumental; George does lead guitar with John on rhythm. John also plays organ. Harmony vocal was just George and John with Paul focusing on exceptional bass part

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