Deluded Edmonton City Council

Always looking for a ‘winner’. Having torn up the downtown and left it to bums during the pandemic years. Sohi and the rest of city council should get on their bikes and do a ‘winter city’ tour of the downtown, chatting with the local denizens who predominate the downtown area. Get out and meet the people, so to speak, see what’s what.

U of A fascistically forcing out campus employees and departments to the downtown, to try to find expensive parking spots, and mingle with the derelicts at street level strikes me as absurd and doomed to fail.

No, the time to act was back in the ’90s at the latest. The Art Gallery has no consequential art. The library is a place for bums to hang out, score deals, and beat up on each other. The art gallery only has parking 100 yards away accessed via thug-filled tunnels. Activities have been moved out of the downtown area and now Hawrelak is closed for 3 years to large events. The new LRT pier pillar cracks are of no concern and trains will continue to run over them until a disaster movie scenario.

The ‘wisdom’ of this city’s managers has been consistently walleyed and destructive of anything resembling an old, once-active, functioning Edmonton. ‘Deadmonton’ should be officially voted in as the new city wasteland moniker. Katz’s gendarmes at the Rogers Centre will never leave the private compound to assist in the rot they’ve helped to wrought.

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