Sidney Crosby vs. Martin Luther King

Who’da thunk?

But the Nova Scotia poet laureate who is a black activist is evoking King’s words to criticize Crosby specifically. Hmmm. Civil rights marches in the ’50s against blatant racial inequality vs. Sid the Kid going to the White House against the agendas of blacks in largely black American sports other than hockey. I’m not sure about the analogy here. Seems a tad stretched to suggest that Sid is prejudiced, bigoted, or racist. He’s just following a precedent set in the past by a largely white Canadian league to attend a government social invitation. I don’t think Sid sees this as selling out, automatically disrespecting black athletes, siding with Trump’s politics, or an opposing white reaction to taking the knee at American national anthems.

Crazy how far agenda-izing politics have gone of late. “Fair is foul and foul is fair” (Macbeth) is pretty much the sports-and-otherwise playing field these daze. People have lost the ability to take wider, broader views and perspectives based on individual contexts and situations. There is a growing mass inability now to make distinctions and to mutually respect other’s positions and choices. Narrow p.c. views are the only ones to be practised and preached on both sides of the border. With the result of a tangible loss of moderation. The shutting down of rational discourse and common sense. The wilful blindness caused by loving one’s agenda way too much and foisting it on unsuspecting, innocent others minding their own business and not interfering in the lives of others, notably agenda-ists.

No, King wasn’t talking about Sid the Kid in a Canadian hockey world five decades in a context very far away. That kind of naïve oversimplification and misrepresentation does not compute. Whatever Sid is, he sure ain’t no Trump or no ’60s white turning his back on civil rights.

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