Omissions from the Great American Read Top 100 List

(Stevenson didn’t make the cut)


They picked Tom Sawyer over Huck Finn (called the Great American Novel by many) and left out:

Robinson Crusoe (probably for politically reasons)

Candide (too witty, satirical, and ironic?)

Madame Bovary (too mature and risque?)

Middlemarch (too sophisticated and mature?)

On the Road (no longer of interest?)

Fahrenheit 451 (no Bradbury at all)

Lord of the Flies (?! bizarre)

Hawthorne, Hardy, Faulkner, Brave New World (these don`t speak to kids today)

Dr. Jekyll (interestingly enough, no Stevenson–Treasure Island?)

Joyce, Woolf, Forster, Cather, Greene, Lawrence (predictably)


The other classic picks were representative, in any case, going back to Quixote

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