Post-Mueller Report

Widespread American public outrage has not happened despite all the evidence yesterday and T’s admissions and proofs of guilt. The report simply does not matter to most Americans and they are not likely to support impeachment including the GOPs in the senate. No one, including the Dems, is going to bell the biggest, sickest fatcat of all time.

And there are far too many dopes prepared to support or vote for the biggest liar and con man in American history. Easily that country’s most openly corrupt president ever who never took seriously his basic oath to serve the country and Americans. Instead, he has fattened his own obsessive personal interests.

It would seem that many Americans still ‘don’t get it’ even when there are a ton of facts, truths, confessions, and objective non-partisan evidence. Too many of the 99% ¬†prefer to be left alone in their lives with whatever damage T will randomly and continuously inflict on them economically, health-care-wise, and treasonly (via zero national and domestic security). They are living proof of slavish mobs in Orwell’s Oceania, accepting and endorsing non-stop lying, barefaced corruption, nepotism, meanness and cruelty to ‘others’, and shameless dictatorial rule.

The olde American Dream values of truth, justice, fairness, freedom, and real security still look too imperiled. For now America remains on a path to  self-destruction. Meantime, unquestionably, the nightmare world of 1984 has arrived in the States.

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