Teechurs aftur hrs

Th howls r sighlint now
Zombeez shuffl 2 th mayn offis
wear janitur tecknishuns
cunnect th regulurz
2 tall hummean genuraturz
Kwalifyed pursonel
delicutlee remoov th leftovr braynz
cheking them 4 damidg
& vakuum out th hedz

Fullee sirvisd & smyleen wuns agin
th teechurs trayd all-noing glansez
(Boy if th kidz cud c us now!)
& reterneen buy instink
2 there classroom sells
thay clime on wuden deskz
& lie soopine i’s opin
awayteen dawn &
the furst arriveen skool bus


Published  in On Spec, the Canadian magazine of speculative writing. For those who don’t know, Canadian poet bill bissett anticipated textspeak by a couple of decades at least. And one of the banes of my existence as a teacher was student spelling!

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