Far be it from me
to presume we could ever
withstand an encroaching Sahara.

Our green oasis glimpsed
smally against sand
like your body with mine.

Our fertile zone
plucked from the jaws of
relentless sun and wind.

Somehow we have found
a miraculous under/ground water
that gave birth

to still-possible springs.
The outpourings of love
against unthinking desert.

We have no plans yet
to abandon ship-
wrecked here for all

and any to behold.
The transience and wonder of dune-life.
We feel its advances but

live green and secure
temporal and resistant to the end,
love being what it is.


A politically-correct ecological take on love! Like the following poem, love is experienced within the context of weatherful moods and nature’s challenges. To some extent, there is a deathness and hostility (“unthinking”) to that greater world and otherness. And though whatever special or “miraculous” relationship may be time-limited, it offers us what Frost called “a momentary stay against confusion”.

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