Living Large

(a leftover think from 2011)

To live large means to live free, imaginatively, creatively.

Given the fact of nonstop change, process, the passing of time, contexts–and the limits and limitations these impose on the individual.

Freedom is possible with such things as ‘enough’/available money, being true to oneself, and freedom-enhancing choices.

If one thinks empathically rather than seeing others as a means to an end, one lives large.

If one thinks imaginatively and creatively, and chooses which imagined possibilities and contexts to bring into being, one lives large. (This is characterized by a movement from thought or conception into action and realization.)

If one sees oneself and the rest of the world as consciousness, then one lives large.

If one recognizes and lives one’s life as process and story, then one lives large.

If one relates to others in terms of live in-person presence as opposed to surrogate or filtered or screened e-presences, then one lives large.

Love is a key to living large via its gentleness, kindness, thoughtfulness, respectfulness, understanding, and appreciation.

Despite whatever change, limits, and limitations, one can live large ‘from attitude outward or inward.’

Living large acknowledges the importance of flow, movement, moving ahead, moving forward, adapting, and many acceptances.

“I am large, I contain multitudes.”–Whitman

Some simple random thoughts about how one might live large.

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