In terms of connection, closeness, and intimacy, there is nothing like completely knowing someone else or being completely known by someone else. That is the rarest and ultimate of all relationships. To be that open, giving and accepting, savouring and appreciating. Naturally. Letting go (of ego and self). No holding back. No masks. The fully self-actualized freedom of one via two and the mutually-enhancing sublime freedom of two simultaneously. Two kindred presences merged symbiotically. And underpinning all, a great connection of mind, body, heart, and spirit–soulfully.  Potentially the finest and most fulfilling of acquired information re. self and other that can be known and experienced by individual adult consciousness.


A possibility dreamt of by many and devoutly to be wished, but methinks, very rare/st in actuality and the life experience of most individuals. Two people empathically living inside one another and for the other on many levels. A much higher state than whatever perceived or realized individual self-actualization one might care to describe (i.e., the ‘built-in’ limits and limitations of one).

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