Some Conclusions Re. Communication

“O for a life of sensations!”–John Keats

E-communication (whether by phone or computer) can certainly be very powerful, intimate, and connective, though like most things, it has its limits and limitations. I will say that–as evidenced in/by this blog–words, feelings, and ideas can all be communicated and shared easily and effectively, and that–given the potential perpetuity of a long-term maintained blog–there is definitely a certain permanence and illusion of immortality to the e-media process. And there are benefits to the instantaneous 24/7 convenience of e-mail.

But, my personal preference for communication, expression, performance, and creativity remains live in-person presence–a far more ‘electric’/dynamic mode for exchanging and sharing information (broadly speaking). If you want to really get close to someone (and vice-versa) and get to know them fully and intimately, that is still the most fun, real, meaningful, and significant way to truly and beautifully connect. That is where souls and spirits meet, commune, and connect.

There is also a palpable physicality and innerly-experienced emotionality that can never be duplicated by and will never be replaced by e-media. What matters, still, most in the lives and experiences of human beings is live in-person presence as experienced by the inner self or soul. It is there you will find a reality, truth, richness, depth, completeness, and beauty that blogs, e-mails, and phone calls never do full justice to.


one more perspective:

“Touch is the meaning of being human.”-Andrea Dworkin                                                        

(But touch-screens are a poor substitute for the real thing. Besides which, technology will never love you.)

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