Magic Moments

And then there are the best moments, the magical ones, when dream and reality fuse and one cannot tell the one from the other, when dreams do, indeed, come true for a period of time. All suddenly becomes wildly and crazily possible.

These moments emerge materialize suddenly, intuitively, beautifully, infusing life with great unexpected meaning and purpose. They just happen.

So, dreams do sometimes come true and assume a real tangible form with great clarity and wisdom. They are what they are, though brief and quite remarkable, apart from the rest of life experience.

True moments of being with the sublimer freedom of/for two. And the best exchange of mutual gifts of self.

In all of that, Love.

For if a man should dream of heaven and, waking, find within his hand a flower as token that he had really been there–what then, what then?–Thomas Wolfe

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