Doh! Ain’t no apps for:

-common sense


-sense of humor and wit



-personal depth

-natural capacity to respond to beauty

-creative consciousness

-empathy and sympathy

-civility and courtesy

-gentleness, kindness and caring

-natural innocence, awe, and wonder

-natural curiosity


-institutions that truly serve the public and not merely politicians, parties, or government


-real intimacy, open-heartedness, love, and touch

-live in-person presence

-actual traditional works of art

-nature and pets

-genius and vision


-personal freedom

-true individuality

-unconventional consciousness

-moments of being

-unagenda-ed possibilities

-un-e-mediated spirit and soul experience

-un-e-mediated magic moments

And never will be. All those many things rapidly vanishing, quickly forgotten, or gone largely missing in our ‘wonderful’ brave new d-world.

“Technology dominates us all, diminishing our freedom.”--Dorothy McCall, quoted in The Los Angeles Times, 14 March 1974

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