Individual Process, Briefly

This was the first blog entry back in August 2012 (with references to consciousness newly added).

Intent: A very basic meditation/sharing.

The other most basic blog meditations (short meditative prose pieces) are fo be found in the first several months of this blog’s evolution. More recent meditative entries are refinements and alternate expressions of earlier themes with new themes added as they naturally occur. *The early selections also contain linear linkages of ideas with example pieces from my own writing, mostly poetry.


Life being largely about the impact of the world on an individual and his/her consciousness.

Beginning with the flow of images, sounds, language, feelings, thoughts–various information via lived experience.

Received, filtered, organized, processed by the individual’s senses, body, mind, feelings via imagination, intelligence, and empathy.

Thereby generating important meanings, understandings, epiphanies including pattern recognition, meaning-making, personal understandings, and expression/sharing of same.

What might also be called the potential development of a consciousness and sensibility with resulting integrity, values, and style.

In short, what comprises a fully-realized, autonomous individual.

The more developed and multitudinous the consciousness and sensibility, the more interesting the person, the broader and richer the quality of experience and capacity for empathy, connectedness, expressiveness and creativity.

What is important, then, to any individual is obtaining and knowing the information that satisfies curiosity, that is wanted, needed, necessary, missing, missed in order to maintain ‘life-flow’, to ‘move forward’, to develop, and to grow.

Life’s information cannot be understood, expressed, and appreciated without language, thought, and feeling, and sometimes whatever missing experience.

Ultimately, throughout a day and life, whether one realizes it or not, one searches for the very information that is necessary to live more fully, freely, connectedly, and purposefully.

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