Some Key Points and Questions

You are the protagonist of your own life.

-The experience of beauty is important in affecting and enhancing your imagination, mind, sensibility, feelings, spirit, and soul.

-It is important to have some way of expressing your feelings and thoughts, to release them and possibly share them, too.

-The main challenge of life is to think of and arrive at your own answers to life’s main and biggest questions. Most importantly, have you recorded them for yourself?

-It is important to understand what is common, permanent, meaningful, and true about human experience, and how that applies to you.

-Do you have an understanding or ‘system’ that makes sense of life’s apparent chaos and confusions? Are you ‘at home’ in the modern world?

-What role do the humanities play in your character, knowledge, understanding, sensibility, and appreciation of daily life?

-Are you the master (or mistress) of your own life?

-Are you a thinking human being? Do you examine your own life?

-What are the great forms and works of culture that have lasted?

-What does it mean to be alive and fully conscious of it?

(inspired by Clifton Fadiman’s 1959 still insightful video about the humanities, available for free viewing on the Encyclopedia Britannica website–look under Fadiman’s name, then Videos)

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