Sleep Excavation: New/Old Names

There is nothing quite like a good, long, deep sleep to clear the mental decks and dump the flotsam and jetsam that builds up over days. Likewise, certain things become more obvious out of the blue.

Take the name ‘Rich’. I realize that I have been called that by only a few people along the way–memorably by my Cold Lake drummer Stan Helmer. When Stan used it, he used it as a unique affectionate nickname. Up to age 20 in Winnipeg, I was known mainly as Rick by my parents, friends, even teachers. As I finished my university years and got ready for teaching, I became solidly Richard for my wife (she always called me that from the beginning), friends, my wife’s family, and teacher-friends. For the purpose of my books and workshops, I have always gone by Richard.

Anyway, I feel more like a Rich at this point, based on how I have lived my life, on my sensibility, and on my inner, conscious life. So you would not be wrong or insulting to call me that. In fact, I’d understand and appreciateĀ if that is the way someone views me and the life I lead and have led.


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