Unexpected Epiphany

(November 22 while babysitting my grandson)

Yesterday morning we had been playing for a couple of hours, both of us on the floor. My head and body were somewhat turned away when he walked past and spontaneously hugged and kissed me! There was no warning, no precedent–only this kind, thoughtful, expressive, heart-felt gesture of the moment.

(My immediate response was to thank him and to realize that this was the closest we have ever been–that this was his way of spontaneously expressing gratitude and appreciation for the fun we were having that morning. I realized, too, that this was as close as we might ever be, and that it might also possibly never happen again.)

But beyond that, something registered very deeply, emerging early this morning about the uniqueness and uncommonness of his kind gesture. He accepts and knows me, appreciates the time we spend together, and showed me, spontaneously, how he feels about that. With absolute innocence and openness of heart. An early example of a conscious personal choice. Without one ounce of guile or agenda (not adultly treating me as a means to an end). Just a simple impromptu thank-you (hug, kiss) for our time and play together yesterday morning. Nothing else.


In his twenty-second month, my grandson continues to teach me many unique things in passing about who he is and what is important in life with respect to others, especially those closest to us. This was a very basic, simple lesson today with much resonance. I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have experienced the simple moment of being loved, the free young expression of that special gift of self, and the profound way that it has affected me yesterday and today. That and the beauty and re-awareness of the potential gifts of self and love from one’s (or another’s) innate (sometimes dormant) inner/most child. That and the acceptance, too, of these precious, ephemeral, simple, spontaneous gifts.

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