Yet Another Christmas Perspective

on the best time of year.

No politics, no entitlements, no phone-baloney, no kow-towing, no shut-up-and-don’t-cause-trouble-for-poor-poor-pitiful-me-makin’-the-big-bucks.

Just honest good feeling and will within that the above can’t touch or Grinch into submission and nothingness.

The society and its authority figures (Redford, Ford, Harper, AB’s PC government) are just a self-serving powerful elite trying to ground down and confute the citizenry. In such an atmosphere of corruption, entitlements, unconscionable lack of responsibility (farmed out and eliminated public services), smothered democracy (right to strike crushed, absurd Big Brother laws and lack of privacy), insurance companies dodging responsibilities, no service in stores, has to finally wake up and realize that society has changed bigtime in the last decade, and that one is basically on his or her own, period.

And there are things that companies, bosses, authorities and governments cannot control and ground down such as charity and Christmas.

Again, Christmas is a spirit–a feeling within individuals which is a better, finer instinct and motivation at this incredibly cold time of year. It is and represents the best that one can be and do in an incredibly diminished/fast diminishing world.

So why personally angst about politics crap and all the red tape that one cannot control and that basically does not love its citizenry, its ordinary people? Far better to put one’s energies into positive, productive events and processes like Christmas in which one can be and express one’s better, more humanitarian (Yes, we are our brother’s keeper, too, anyway) self.

So leave the fallible stock market behind, mentally dismiss the idiots and insanity of one’s workplace, don’t get sucked into media-obsessed Ford and senate scandal meltdowns, and, above all, don’t lose any sleep over this distracting crap.

Far far better to be one’s self, one’s best, and enjoy and practise the best of the season. Far far better to help and support others less fortunate. Far better to show and express one’s honest love for family and friends. Far far better to make the donations and volunteer–all the things that truly do elevate us and move us and others forward, reminding us of what is most important and essential that we ought never lose.

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