As Good as It Gets

My grandson’s day yesterday/Sunday.

Nothing but solitary play with his birthday presents and Christmas ones, too, no doubt.
Easy to imagine him playing with the simple keyboard instrument, checking out the various keys and sounds, or playing with the yellow CAT truck which lights up and plays many construction site sounds, or exploring the audio alphabet/word/number panel. But mostly, I suspect, playing with the new colored wooden blocks, moving them around one at a time, or playing with the new sound wood puzzle which has different vehicle pieces.

Ah, bliss! To be all alone, with seemingly unlimited hours to pursue the freedom of choice, primary imaginative distraction, and adultless fun without the presence of other children. The world one makes up, the world to arrange as we will, without someone else to interfere or disrupt. Unlimited, unfettered, unscreened, non-directed play–simple pleasure, self-generated engagement, and total immersion. As good as it gets for age 2.

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