The Greatest Edmonton Pop Album of All Time

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I am all the things I am/A lot like you/I am all the things I am/And you.–“Return to Note”

Task Lighting by Klark (aka James Mireau) is a wonderful, impressive 1997 album by one of my former Strathcona Comp students. A very multi-talented, creative young man, James wrote all the material, did the vocals, performed most of the music, and produced this excellent album, a Limited First Run CD. Several exceptional songs are bona-fide classics which could have been top 10 numbers on many hit parades: “Chebucto Head”, “Return to Note”, “Garneau”, “Twenty Mirrors”, “Heart Down Low”, “Ethane”, and “The Straight Line”. Herein, a wonderful mix of styles, sounds, and moods as James looks back at his past and takes stock of where he’s been and what he has learned from his past. The musical choices are uniformly strong with many pleasant surprises. A truly entertaining, satisfying process for listeners.

These daze, the above album’s songs can still be heard at

There, the songs are listed in reverse order as opposed to their order on the CD. Since this is a concept album with intended transitions and motifs, I would suggest you listen to the songs on that site from bottom to top in order to duplicate the flow of the original album experience. 


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