“Snow all gone”

Impromptu observation of 2 year, 2 month grandson, from his car seat on drive home from day-home.

From thought to language. Independent thought and consciousness expressed as in:
“You know, it’s different outside now. I remember there used to be snow out here for a long time. Now it’s gone. A big change. Worth commenting on.”

And to say it spontaneously on his own, as a personal communication and view he is just expressing to and for others.

“Snow all gone.” An awareness of change worth expressing and sharing. Stating a fact. Connecting the external/outside with self and ‘inside’ thought and consciousness. The power and autonomy which that thought and expression brings.

Interesting lad. Knows all his numbers to 10, about 15 or more colors, all the basic shapes; says words like “elephant”, “gorilla”, “kangaroo”, “muskox”, “chimpanzee”, “rectangle”, “oval”, “circle”. Has been repeating words spoken by adults when they’re with him for a couple of months now.

Language acquisition by repetition and imitation. Juxtaposing different types of play–animals riding cars, him pushing cars with laundry basket or two step-on. Clapping for himself when he completes a task. Hugging others when he is happy at his own success. Laughing at his own attempts to create humor. Reading himself to sleep in his crib, surrounded by books. Telling his folks when he wants to go outside. Tirelessly walking long distances by himself without wanting to go home.

The capacity for growth and many possibilities. Quite fascinating to take in during these visits every week or two.

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