Third Faux Spring


And third step backwards. An essential Edmo spring whether it may be April or May. The reality behind so many illusions. Hugh MacLennan called the phenomena “On Living in a Cold Country”–a wonderful nostalgic essay about growing up in Halifax around the time of the famous Explosion and how, as a teen, he slept outdoors in a tent all winter with the spirit of a hardy trapper or voyageur.                                                                                                                                              I am so looking forward to Victoria in a week’s time. (Currently alternating blissful annual spring getaways between Victoria and Vancouver–both snowless, moist-airish as opposed to dirty dry, green galore, with pleasant parks, colourful fleurs, pleasant harbours,  restaurants and shops.) Now that’s real spring, baby!

“Snow in April is abominable,” said Anne. “Like a slap in the face when you expect a kiss.”–Lucy Maude Montgomery, Anne of Ingleside

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