Head Close to Earth


Well, ain’t that the truth? We start young, on the level of grass and Earth. Microcosms and macrocosms opening richly to our alternately awakening/slumbering consciousness. That Wordsworthian closeness to Nature, Blakean Innocence, and a simple direct connection with all the energies of Life and Process. But as Blake pointed out, Urizen–your reason, the rational mind–takes over as up we cummingsest grow. Till all, too often, becomes the limited/limiting, often blind, cold irrationality and “common sense” described by Dickens in Hard Times. Heads so/too far up above the Earth for many a year. Until we are lucky perhaps and recentre/relocate our selves in terms of the Earth per se and rediscover a closeness with Nature, children, and dream, opening ourselves up to the prime/primal energies all over again–more playful, pleasurable, accepting, free, and child-like in spirit, and yes, oh-so much truly wiser and deepened from our long journey back to home.


ps/ also applies to head close to The Wild, the air, water, and fire, and something I will eventually write more about, which Aristotle called “quintessence”.

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