‘Head Close to Earth’–part 2


(The Sunken Garden, Butchart Gardens, B.C. Late April, this spring)

Feeling that closeness and proximity to Nature in so many ways these daze.

My son’s family dog lying peacefully, warmly in my lap at a triifecta birthday celebration.
Helping my 17-month-old grandson to water all the flowers that day in the backyard with his bee watering can. Then watching him pull about the decorative doe and baby in the red wagon. On the swing together, pointing out to him the darkening pre-rain sky and clouds or the pinwheel and large blue jay mobile in the front yard moving with the wind.
Recalling my mother, a Ukrainian-Canadian farm-girl, in retirement years on her hands and knees taking great delight in weeding our front and back lawns when she visited summers.

Every day 365, putting out bird food, and water (above zero C) for the squirrel and birds that come to visit daily several yards away from the patio window.

Once a week 52x a year, watering all the indoor plants in various rooms, the greenery that surrounds us 365, most welcome through the long white Edmo winter.

The various getaways to specific landscapes serving specific inner needs–the desert, Vancouver, Victoria, the mountains.

The pleasure in buying a thousand worth of flowers and plants in late May and planting each one. The daily 2 hr. commitment for 4 months of daily watering and de-dandelioning. The delight when flowers remain out front and on the back patio into October and sometimes till Halloween.

The spring smell of lilacs, May Day trees, alyssum, and lavender (the latter two close to the patio window).

The delight in seeing all kinds of trees.

Childhood memories of playing in Grand Beach sand dunes and walking out far into the water thanks to the sandbars there. My retired parents’ daily walks to Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg to see the conservatory plants and flowers as well as the zoo animals and babies.

The memories of first boyhood times in Queen E Park and Stanley Park in Vancouver–playing pitch & putt at the latter last year after a 54-year hiatus. Rediscovering the splendid myriad beauties of Butchart Gardens this past May.

Pretty much Nature in everything, including food and meals. Savouring a good salmon filet. Enjoying bananas and blueberries most mornings of the year. The deep taste of Nescafe Rich from the distant South American jungles. the vinos from Aus, France, and B.C.

Next week Lake Louise, Golden, then onto three days in Radium. Long overdue soaks in the hot pool looking up at the old family favorite–the burnt-out Radium Hot Springs Lodge across the road, recalling all the times sitting on the balcony looking out at the pools, the red rock, traffic coming through the canyon, the hummingbirds on the fuscias hanging overhead mornings on the balconies.

Yes, the easiest choices I make stem from my long-ongoing, deep connection to Nature. Much of the best of who I am, what I have done, how I have lived. Whether it be through cycling into late fall, reading and writing nature poetry, pointing out Nature’s processes to my grandson, or even listening to new age music with bird sound effects as I do my morning Tai Chi. Always, everything, with my head close to Earth.


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