Robin’s Song, 3:30 a.m.

In many ways a welcome mystery and wake-up call to simple beauty, pure music, Nature personified, the simple pleasure of being alive and freely expressing it, the 24 hour presence of Nature, and the many possibilities available for others at early dawn.

There are many spring and summer mornings I have heard his sound and shared in all the above. The robin’s song so meaningless, unenjoyed, and unappreciated by far too many.

The privilege of the experience of beauty and Nature. The sublime delights of music. The joy of expressing one’s feelings freely, spontaneously, and fearlessly. A veritable call to life and its daily renewal. A clarion call, too, to consciousness and sense of presence itself as well as one’s own transient, ephemeral aliveness and, it is hoped, sensitivity and sensibility.


Listen to the robin sing: “I am feeling great today. It is a privilege and pleasure to wake up to another dawn and day. It’s beautiful outside. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am very much here and thankful (and even proud)┬áto be here yet again. “

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