Two Years Ago:The Skin of Our Teeth Revisited

From numerous ecological and astronomical information and warnings, I have long been convinced that we/human beings/the planet have long survived by sheer luck and the skin of our teeth. Absurdly, two years ago, according to NASA (why did this take two years to come out?), a solar superstorm blast narrowly missed Earth by about one week. Now that’s close, baby. The modern age with most of its technological marvels, along with the Internet, power (the electrical grid), water, transportation systems, communications systems would have been, in 2 words, burnt toast. And it is now predicted that another event could be forthcoming, perhaps within a decade.

So what is really important to one? What provides or constitutes the most meaning and purpose in the course of one’s day? What are one’s top priorities? What unfinished business is left to do? What missing pieces are there and how might they be addressed? These are all wise, necessary questions a conscious individual has to ask him or herself more than ever before. More than ever, life on Earth and civilization as we know it have suddenly and dramatically become more tenuous, more precious, and certainly more ephemeral than ever.

“Simplify, simplify.”–Henry David Thoreau

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