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(1973-1975: Betty Plus Four–one of several bands I led and fronted over the decades. In my early years of teaching, we played weekends for thousands of people in Northeastern Alberta, about 200 gigs. My hairful years! The other guys worked at CFB Cold Lake so moustaches were their limit. Note also my velvet bowtie, shirt-front-and- wrist-ruffled dress shirt, and the 1973ish Gibson ES335 TD I still play today.)

After a break, playing guitar and doing vocals once more. New cool distortion pedal bought today, used on about 1/3 of my songs. Tremolo pedal used on another 1/3. Regular chorus pedal on the other 1/3. 3 different electric sounds through a Marshall amp. Plus 2 other acoustic sounds from a Yamaha 12 string and a Marr-Mackenzie ltd. ed. Tofino 6-string. I’m using, as well at times, a tambourine played with my left foot, in addition to a 1990ish SR16 drum machine which approximates bass sounds, too. One-man-band stuff. (How many guys did you say were playing in the basement?) The music still ranges from folk to folk-rock to country to rock. Many different sounds along with my impersonated voices–Dylan, John Lennon, et al. Ye olde gift of music still intact and goin` strong.


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