Meteorological Failure

Air quality 7 Sat. evening in Edmo. Distinct burnt forest fire smell. Ironically, this past week’s situation is much worse than all the fires heavily reported by the media back in July. At no point in the past week has most of the local media said anything beyond humidity and haze. (Lone exception the Sun who had a small piece about incoming smoke from forest fires in B.C. and the N.W.T.) The California fires have sent smoke into B.C. and western weather systems have pushed this over. It would be nice if local meteorologists were less superficial, indifferent, and openly acknowledged to the public what is causing the breath-risky, ashen ‘haze’.


ps/The PCs continue to be in denial/double-thinking the public as usual, running “Remember to breathe” ads this week.

ps2/The new meteorological word for smoke appears to be haze. More doublespeak; the weather types are in denial and can no longer call a spade a spade.

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