Omens, Totems, and Shared Music

Omens–Sure, I believe. A robin showed up this morning in the garden on my 65th. As favorable omens go, I’ll take it.

Totems–L’il Red, the backyard squirrel, dropped by for his morning shelled peanuts and a swing on the tray, while we were having coffee on the patio. His main biz, as usual, storing tray contents in his hi-rise abandoned bird hotel in the neighbor’s yard. If ever there was a totem for “Seize the day”, “Waste not, want not”, or “The readiness is all”, the squirrel would be the perfect choice.

Shared music live–today my guitarist-son comes and we ‘raid the catalogue’. He will definitely be impressed by the latest added sound of my Turbo Distortion pedal which ‘punches’ and adds depth to the simplest and most ordinary guitar-playing. First song? Maybe “Almost Saturday Night” by John Fogerty. Wonder what my grandson will make of all this noise and excitement?


postscript/ We ran several songs with 12-string acoustic beginning with “A Horse with No Name”. Then we played several with 6-string acoustic, and finished with many rock tunes including the Barenaked Ladies’ “Too Little, Too Late” which I had been riffing for about a week.

Grandson came later, missed the guitar music, but I introduced him to my hand drum, which he took to like a natural, playing to Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now” and America’s “You Can Do Magic”. He enjoyed my bday and helped blow out the candles and open presents. Later we did “Round and Round”–one of his favorite activities of late, walking in room-to-room circles to CD music. He carried a small owl and the CD case for The Mavericks’ Greatest Hits, looking at it as we passed the Mavericks playing on the CD player.


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