Hot Jazz Live at the Yardbird!

Lew Tabackin Trio live at the Yardbird Suite

My thirst for good retro live jazz was finally slaked thoroughly within the first two numbers by the Lew Tabackin Trio, last evening at the Yardbird. Consummate international artists with large followings in New York and Japan where they could play, beloved, infinitely. Imagine the fortune of little old Edmo to luck in with these guys.

Lew blows a fine tenor sax and mystical avant-garde Asian-style flute (the latter no doubt adored in Tokyo!). He was in fine form last evening, roaming the stage, Tai-chi-ing his way through the flute numbers, exploring both acoustic- and mike-sound possibilities. His sidemen are virtuosos of acoustic bass and drums, able to abundantly delight audiences in their frequent solo spots. As I told Lew after the first set: “Great authority, great artistry, great freedom. Endless possibilities rendered beautifully.” He, sweatingly, appreciated that response and would like to return here sooner than another too-long-four-year absence.

His remarkable bass player (solo album shown above), Boris Kozlov is a bass genius. He can play melody, rhythm, harmony, and percussion all at once and by himself. Now is that unbelievably awesome, or what?! If you think you really know and understand music and figure you have heard everything, you have not, till you’ve heard Boris play live or his CD masterpiece.

So how did all this register on me? Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, soulfully a 10 out of 10. I was where I wanted to be/get to within 2 numbers. I slept very deep afterward. Deep inner peace and contentment. Ah, the magic and therapeutic qualities of truly great live music! Hot live jazz–nothing like it to soothe and satisfy the soul.

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