Spiritus @ Woodward’s Books


(Spiritus getting ready to do a book launch reading at Woodward’s Books, Southgate Shopping Centre, Edmo, fall 1989ish–Glen tallest, Dean sitting. We were shortly to be surrounded by a veritable mob of passing shoppers, some sitting on the floor. This type of risky, fearless public reading became our trademark at the zenith of our flow.)

This aft the Stroll of Poets will be doing their first-ever Halloween Dearly Departed reading of poems written by deceased friends and family. I’ll be reading two by Dean McKenzie (2013) and Glen Kirkland (2010). The three of us–all senior high ELA teachers–were better known as Spiritus for some 15 years on the local scene going back to the late ’80s at friend/award-winning-novelist Thomas Trofimuk’s Station Readings Series at Café le Gare in Old Strathcona.

A busy year with the Stroll long underway already. I’ll be part of The Verse Project (poets in schools) and hosting a reading 2morrow nite @ Upper Crust Café. Lots of good, interesting people to hob-nob with. Unlimited imaginations and excellent poetry. My cup runneth over poetry-wise these fall daze.

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