Parliament Hill Shootings

A no-brainer.

If the dangerous irrationals are not challenged and dealt with early, then there will be more violence. The notion that some idiot’s privacy exceeds public safety and security is frankly deluded and nuts. Our society has increasingly abandoned common sense during the last two decades. Confront, arrest, or deport the fifth-column-troublemakers at the first signs of danger to the Canadian public. Obvious, pure, and simple.

Additionally: These nutcases have a surfeit of irrational beliefs and values. Our society has to pay more attention to the development of young boys and men in our society. The irrational will always need to be safely addressed and expressed or else it will find a way to express itself as in today on Parliament Hill. Unfortunately, statistically, there are likely hundreds, maybe even thousands of potentially dangerous, irrational young men living in our midst today. If they can’t safely be educated or diverted away from dangerous lifestyles and violent actions, then the government, RCMP, and police need to be unified and on the same page for dealing with this insanity, pro-actively before the irrationality, violence, and chaos are, in turn, unleashed upon the innocent, unsuspecting, unprotected public.

Canada has long been too complacent and pussyfooting about this crap as the truly irrational individual privacy over public security issue illustrates abundantly these daze. (I am not surprised that U.S. intelligence revealed the identity of the killer, with picture, well before privacy-obsessed Canada.) We also need serious, major political leadership now more than ever in our country’s history; as things stand, the bigoted, violent, narrowly-agenda-ed crazies are running willy-nilly amok, free or unchecked, with systemic ‘carte blanche’.


“Violence is often the only means of emotional release from a sense of unreality, in which even wanton destructive or sadistic acts help to create a sense of identity in their perpetrators.”–Northrop Frye, “The Ethics of Change, The Role of the University”

Re. armed responses to violence–“The only real justification for violence is self-defence, and of course society has a right to self-defence as well as the individual.”–Northrop Frye, “Violence and Television”

Re. the subsequent media coverage that variously focused on the main victim and the main perpetrator–“The focusing of interest on the victim is a common civilizing element in all our major cultural traditions.”–Northrop Frye, “Violence and Television”

(boldface my emphasis)–“In all scenes of violence there is the choice of identifying either with the agent or with the victim of violence. Consequently, it is a very important step in emotional education whether we identify with the agent or the victim of violence.”–Northrop Frye, “Violence and Television”

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