Give Us This Day Our Daily Changes

Every day, I read about at least 3-5 major changes going on in the country, Edmonton, and in biz. Today, for instance, My female barber is moving to new digs and parting company with her biz partner. The Filipino boy-cashier I talked to afterward at Shopper’s is only temporarily in retail on his way to a nursing program which has made his doctor-mother proud of his career choice. I told him, “That’s easily one of the best, most important, and necessary jobs in our society. Helping others who can’t do for themselves. Taking care of them, seeing to their recovery and release. Compassion is something hugely lacking in many people and our society these daze. You’ve made an excellent fulfilling career choice.”

On a more mundane level, Scotiabank is cutting 1,000 jobs in Canada with a snap of the fingers, and closing locations in an effort to, greedily, make more money while turfing good, loyal employees–a pattern very common in the biz world these daze. As Dylan Thomas put it, “Hands have no tears to flow”. Think of all the lives ruined and the scramble for what few available jobs remain out there in a downsized employment market.

So two kinds of changes: the good personal ones with risk and potential for growth and personal fulfillment. And the bad ones, usually in biz, waging war on the good responsible workers all for the obsession with the almighty buck. So much for gratitude and empathy (never mind sympathy). (Business) nature red in tooth and claw.

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