On Winter, Plastic Bags, Not Finishing Jobs, Close Calls, Luck, and ESP


(scene of absurd fall)

Two dopes delivering something next door last week let plastic sheets go flying all over the crescent. True terminally lazy dopes. I picked up what I could of the sheets and dropped them over my gate. (I should have then picked them up and put them in the garbage cans.)

Instead, It snowed and today in the process of cleaning a skiff off the sidewalk inside the gate, I went for a quick, unexpected fall. Nothing like falling on plastic under snow. (Let that be a lesson as to what might be under snow when one is out walking on non-see-thru, newly-fallen snow. That and evidence of how we do it both to others and ourselves.)

A close call big-time. Lucky my arms and hands were free and my head only very lightly grazed the concrete as I moved my head to one side in order to avoid a direct face-splat. I ended up with just a small horizontal cut at the end of my eyebrow. Amazingly, somehow, all of this drama did not bend or break my glasses. Have I ever said before that I’m a lucky man?

At the same moment three miles away, my daughter had a sudden, inexplicably strong urge to put on a Zen meditation CD I’d given her some time ago. To sum up, It’s all there, isn’t it? The danger and potential deadliness of winter and plastic bags as well as lazy dopes, self-inflicted accidents, close calls, luck, and the ESP experiences of loved ones.

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