6 Degrees in Minus 15 (Minus 24 Windchill)

My daughter talking with her boss today after several months of working together. They establish that they both lived in the same community of the city at one time. Then he reveals he lived in the same condominium complex as we once did. My daughter asks which number he lived in. He says the number. It is the exact same unit as ours. He lived there 17-23 years after we left.

Six degrees of separation. The power and long reach of mystery on a cold winter’s day. How close we all really are. Purpose? Design? The two hugged after they realized the connection. Our family has had many such connections that can might be pooh-poohed as random coincidence. But one does start to think in terms of design and fate as these mysteries and mysterious coalescences over the years pile up. They cut through whatever surface separation, alienation, and uniqueness to express that some things are just simply meant to be, and that we are not all just isolated islands.

Remarkable, today’s event. What are the odds? What, if anything, does it mean? Awareness and consciousness turn over the information and derive an easy instant pleasure, engagement, and extrapolation from all of this good, happy, fortunate news and information. It began with some curiosity and questions and led to the same condo down the road which we all once shared.


This kind of stuff piles up for us and my daughter in this huge city. On the previous job, my daughter and her co-worker discovered they had lived in the same apartment block, in the same apartment! And the same woman had lived in the same house that my daughter had gone to, to make a delivery to a doctor! There are many, many more epiphanies like these experienced by my family. Some to do with death, some to do with avoiding death or danger.

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