Finally Some Real Hard News

Edmonton Journal‘s 5-month investigation resulting in a week of daily reports on AB’s crumbling hospitals. A must-read for any AB adult and child. What several decades of PC negligence and public pipedream voting for Big Brother has got us healthcare-wise. Zero political will to be publicly, fairly, and morally responsible. An amazing expose.

The silence from god-from-the-political-machine Prentice, bow-tie-hem-and-haw Health Minister Mandel, and the other fat cat PC cronies has been profoundly deafening. There is still a lot to be said for actual truth and honesty in news reporting. The public is entitled to know even if they gave the PC ignoramuses carte blanche for decades. So much for the false image of AB as a leader of the provinces and as a great place to live. A tailings pond version of how humans are really regarded and treated in this province.


The chickens always come home to roost. Government spin, rah-rah us, and millions spent on smoke and mirrors to divert the hoi polloi will always crash and burn. The PC “Don’t forget to breathe” slogan doesn’t apply to health care and hospitals in this province. Bow ties and new-facemen just don’t cut it anymore in AB. They just leave you with things like private PC penthouses with butler pantries, Third World hospitals, Third World city roads, new arenas for dead hockey teams, wasted-public-fund-bike lanes used by less than 1% of a city’s population 3 months a year, and no running escalators or no place to park to support actual LRT use/rs.


Jan. 22/2015: The fantastic Journal  series which exposed and embarrassed the P.C.s was met with their usual, effective response to media stories criticizing them: Just ignore it and it will die/go away. The apathy of the public response to this non-response has likewise been deafening. Which is why nothing will ever change, politically speaking, in arteries-hardened, conformist AB. I should mention also that the first time the P.C.s did this and it worked was back in King Ralph’s era in the ’90s. His response to a huge Mill Woods rally for hospitals: “Rally? What rally?”

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