Starting Points

“One thought fills immensity.”–William Blake

Ok, you were
borne in some
other time, another
place, now changed.

That may very well
be, but what
about who you
are today?

Are you just
someone defined by
where you’ve been and
(not) done or said?

Are you just
someone who was once
known ephemerally
in a mutually-forgotten
moment of someone else’s
failing memory or past,
not just your own?

If you have already
changed by the time
you have read this
and a glacier has
begun to melt in some
still-photo or other,
how can you ever be
possibly known or
even remembered?

The meaning that was
a remarkable possibility–
that happened once
and once only–has altered forever.

Ah, that was who you were,
what you were about (perhaps)
your spirit, soul
and presence–
passing thru a
moving present, now past.

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