I am nothing you can’t handle
and haven’t seen before.
Bent by time and vocation,
I dream of restoration
beneath your healing hands.
Their laying-on a dance and rhythm
to make music of my bones.
You untie the knots of a secret self
I never even knew I had.
Each time is easier–
a little trust and faith.
I ask for nothing and do not presume.
It is simple.
Caring goes a long way.
You excavate the best in me
without fail. Safe and saved,
there is much to be thankful for:
a touch of understanding.


14 years of massage therapy. Well, speaking of process and life possibilities, this is one area that can really improve and enhance one’s outer and inner being simultaneously. Flow or chi are important to process and to facilitating life possibilities. Call it a plumbing of, tending to, and freeing of one’s physical or outer self. But it does require a certain comfort zone with one’s self and with others in order to work. For me, it has been, like performing–musical performing, for instance– a kind of “letting go”, based on trust that the other is a competent professional who intuitively (through touch) knows where the individual most needs help and cares enough to provide it. I believe that, to achieve total freedom, you must be comfortable in the presence of others with your physical self. If you are, then the freeing of the knots as well as inner self are more likely to follow down the road.

The caring people and various other caregivers are a reminder of the best about human beings; there are many kind folks out there who have a special gift to share–communicating with others and ministering unto them. It takes a very special person to perform this kind of public service–of freeing others and providing relief.

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