He works in cameras at McBain’s
and wears his suits one week at a time.

Most of them are narrow-lapelled
but they go well with his retro skinny ties.

He wears a Canada tie-clip
his mother gave him 50 years ago.

Today he’s 59 and waits on me politely,
“Credit card or debit, sir?”

His small neat boy’s hands can
write up bills and his mouth is ready
to say “Sorry” or “Have a nice day”.

He once thought of getting married
but that was 30 years ago
and his mother wouldn’t hear of it.

Now and then he cracks his knuckles
and a pun–“I’m into film”
he says, straight-faced.

The ‘Life’ of staff parties at the lake
he chases girl-clerks in the woods
but never gets too far.

Ever so often his friends drop by
on their days off.
All of them are 59 and single.

All of them wear narrow-lapelled suits
wear slim ties, live at home
and work for McBain’s.

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