School janitor

Short, balding
never seen pushing a broom
pressing his nicotine-fingers
over a librarian’s eyes
a kidder–“Guess who?”
rubbing his paunch
against the backs of
unsuspecting schoolgirls:
a kind lecherous father.

But mostly just
sitting in the staffroom
at perpetual coffee
keys dangling beside
his half-open fly
holding court with a
trapped student-teacher.

“I remember one day
we were sent to take the bridge.
Jesus, the guns were pounding
Earnestly retelling
Korean scenes relived nightly
in the death-cold sweat
of 4 am pajamas
“Ya got no idea, kid
Ya got no idea…”


I’ve known a number of Hollywood janitors in my time. One even put on the dog enough to wear a large fur coat to impress the teachers!

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