More Insanity: ‘Doing Our Best to Save Nature’

The recent coyote-killing-for-cash contest.
The government’s renewal of wolf extinction plans. Shooting them from helicopters. Poisoning dead grizzlies shot to lure wolves. Three times this has been done in the name of saving woodland caribou who are dwindling as their eco-habitats get wiped out by man, each time with no appreciable difference. About as dumb as ‘controlled burns’ that often get out of control and set fire to provinces. Dumb, dumb, dumb. ‘Experts’. Governments. A moratorium should be declared on all this so-called environment work. A massive example all this of man’s fundamental irrationality and hostility with regard to Nature. Tar sands tailing ponds no one needs now¬†vs. ducks. Truly sickening.

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