Assorted musings

It is in light that one finds civilization, not darkness.

I’d much rather pursue a full use of human faculties and possibilities than chase the making of money. Materialism, mindlessness, and diminishment don’t much interest me.

In Canada today, we are seeing a death of dignity relative to seniors with the crumbling health care services. There is an absolute total lack of political will and responsible caring to fix this problem. The ‘entitled’ leaders are frankly defective, humanistically speaking.

The light of human intelligence is now at a low ebb in the context of the greatly dumbed-down public world.

Absurdity, disruption and chaos are the popular political choices of the day.

Don’t depend on a technological-obsessed culture for a return to a more humane humanistic civilization. Screens will never love you.

The most interesting people are passionately engaged in the search for truth.

One sign of our declining civilization is that there are no Giants of the order of Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and Beethoven. The more heroic people of the times are busy expanding their sensibilities and mental and spiritual powers.

Worthy of attention or emulation is any struggle of the soul to free itself from the glut of matter.


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