Think of all the people who would be affected–starting with you–if you fall down and sustain injuries in Katzville–the new globally-warmed, ice capital of Canada. How will you stand up? move? live with one arm? recover from a cracked skull? etc. How will you work? get things done? collect your mail from group-boxes? get groceries? etc. Who will do these things for you?

On the other hand, how about when someone and something you depend on is no longer available? your parents? your children? your doctor? your dentist? your grocery store? a favorite department store or product? the local bank? your massage therapist? your hair stylist, etc. Change remains unpredictable in any case.

“No man is an island” as John Donne once wrote. There will be times and sometimes long periods when we are dependent upon the help of others, and sometimes Tennessee Williams’ “kindness of strangers”.

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