Why Amazon Drones May Never Be Used

1. the prospect of table-sized octocopters running into ascending or descending planes, birds, buildings, towers,skyscrapers, apartment buildings, power lines, cranes, etc.
2. the danger of drone engine failure or package-holding ability with drones or 5 lb. packages crashing meteorically into people, cars, buildings, schools, animals, etc., below.
3. the huge cost of building Amazon sub-hubs near all major cities to meet the distance and cost limitations of drone use.
4. rough unpredictable winds, rough weather events with the same results as in 1 or 2.
5. no humans on board to override whatever drone mechanical failures.
6. inability to obtain signatures from customers, inability to ring doorbells, inability to put packages between storm doors, inability to deliver to specific units in apartments, business buildings.
7. cost of insurance for lawsuits that will pile up.
8. government refusal to ok licensing for drones in their jurisdictions.

A truly stupid dangerous technology developed in an attempt to eliminate human jobs and to eliminate the need for humans in potentially dangerous tasks.

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