On Getting Enough Nature Each Winter


(Northern flicker, backyard fence)

DSCN0720 (2)

(owl ice sculpture, Strathcona festival, 2011)

-shovelling snow
-doing Christmas-lights drives, in the context of Nature
-occasionally solitary weekend-walking at U of A
-walking around Hawrelak Park on melting days, feeding chickadees, nuthatches
-squeezing in a zoo trip
-feeding the birds and squirrels in the backyard
-turning the daily/monthly bird, dog, and landscape calendar pages
-visiting with my son’s family dog
-watching the annual Westminster dog show on the tube
-daily checking out of the Frame channel’s various Nature segments
-watching nature programming on tv or DVD
-watering the many plants in each room of the house weekly
-watering the annual colorful poinsettias which last an average of three months
-buying the odd store floral bouquet
-visiting garden shops and the Wild Bird Store
-culminating with a colorful, moist-aired getaway to VancouverĀ or Victoria to take in the ocean, beaches, gardens, and other scenery


More than enough Nature to keep one’s spirits way up. No SADD here.

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