Popcorn Girl

(Revisiting another original song lyric from the ’80s. I had fun imitating Cohen’s voice on this one.)

(with no apologies to Leonard Cohen)

Waitin’ in the lobby for a friend who’s always slow
I still had several minutes to wait until the show
I went to the candy counter to buy myself some sweets
When I saw that pretty popcorn girl, she knocked me off my feet

chorus: Popcorn girl you have buttered me up
My hands are a-shakin’, they can’t pick up my cup
Popcorn girl, where you been all my life
I’m thirty and I’m hungry, won’t you be my sweet wife?

She smiled at me and said hello, I didn’t know what to say
She said the popcorn’s fresh tonight, I stammered “Sure, ok”
She filled a box with loving hands, she smiled at me polite
I gawked and fumbled with my change, she said “Are you alright?”

chorus: repeats

I watched her from a distance as she waited for the crush
Of latecomers for the movie, the last minute rush
I saw her give that smile again, but to another man
Oh fickle, flirty popcorn girl, how could you spoil our plans?

chorus: repeats x 2
then repeated line fading: Waitin’ in the lobby for a friend who’s always slow…

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