Drone Endgame Madness

The problem: the many recreational and toy drones(sold for $1-5 thou) that have been made commercially available and been sold willy-nilly to individuals across North America. It is only a matter of time until these are used by kooks, bored young males, stupid ignoramuses, evil individuals, and home-grown terrorists to unload explosives on government buildings, airplanes, famous landmarks, and the usual unsuspecting crowds. (Already one landed at the White House lawn and Paris has had many sightings at historical, traditional sites.) In no way should these devices ever have been made available to the general public and private citizens.

Madness! A horrible lack of imagination. Devoid of any moral social responsibility. A guarantee of unpredictable chaos, mayhem, and nasty violence. The nastiness of laser lights went totally unheeded. Now we are at the mercy of armed drones! Who are these idiots who makes these dangerous decisions to make a buck? The problem with technology all the way down the line is its misuse and abuse by incredibly stupid people. Does anyone (doh) in governments and business ever think any more about the lunatic fringe and the obvious potential terrors of uncontrolled destructive technology?

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