is not necessarily or the same as loneliness. It is potentially a gift and a privilege, which many only children would attest to. There is absolutely nothing wrong with deliberately choosing it and to be mostly free from the endless conflicts of work and other people. I am convinced that many people’s unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and stress is needlessly caused by “the group” or ‘mass situations’. Far better to be true to yourself, to accept yourself, and to enjoy solitude’s benefits: personal freedom, autonomy, clarity, focus, and a wonderful lack of meaningless ‘noise/chatter’ by uncentered or crazy others.

These daze I often find myself outside of whatever groups or social ‘worlds’ and delightfully free of old, meaningless hassles and stupid or negative people. I would highly recommend solitude for people who are troubled, mixed up, or stressed out. *And especially if there are too many people in their lives.

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