“There are more things in heaven…”


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(unposed pic of Peter Cottontail rabbit, floor vent to left of plant; the serviettes sitting beside it were not placed or moved for the pic)

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Easter morning here. I’m changing a light bulb in the dining room. My wife and I are talking about how my son and his wife (nicknamed ‘The Bunnies’) enjoyed the rabbit design on yesterday’s dinner serviettes. The heat comes on just then, striking an animated rabbit doll sitting on the family-room coffee table about four feet from the vent.

The rabbit has a butterfly on its nose which has magnetic contacts so you have to lift and put back the butterfly to activate the original version of the classic “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” song. Somehow, at that precise moment, as if the conversation has caused the subsequent synchronicity, the heat (perhaps?) lifts and drops ever so slightly the butterfly, and the music is magically and mysteriously activated on Easter morning without any human contact.

That exact moment–after that random parallel 3-level topic of discussion–adding an appropriate tangential fourth level audially. An audio reminder and confirmation of the day and all things bunny. What are the odds? “There are more things….”

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