Here’s How Much the 40% Netflix Subscribers Miss

Netflix Canada: 3,663 titles, many of them TV
Leonard Maltin’s 2012 Movie Guide records: 17,000 entries (all film)
So Netflix subscribers easily miss 13,337+ possible films–many of them truly entertaining, uncoarse, unviolent, classic, well-acted, well-written, well-directed, and great.

(Some further perspective–in 2010, Maltin listed 10,000 films he covered from the silent era to 1965, so, again, one can see what and how much the Netflixers miss.)

Uh, how has U.S. carpetbagger-based e-technology shortchanged Canadian film viewers?  (Start by checking how many films are available on both sides of the border.) What consequences are there to viewers only watching next-to-nil classic or great films? How might this affect viewer empathy, sensibility, and well-informedness re. life and film? Why pay to just receive limited/limiting, dumb, clichéd, conventional, contemporary stuff?

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